Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Look-a-Like Chairs!

Do you recall when I found these chairs on the side of the road?
{chair recovered)

Look what I happened upon when blog surfing the other day...

Don't they look strangely familiar?
Any idea what these chairs are called?
I'm borderline obsessed.

*photo courtesy of house of turquoise


  1. You found those chairs on the side of the road??? For real??? What a find! Amazing. :) I found your blog from The Handmade HOme Redo post about my dining room. Happy weekend to you. I love, love, love your street and blog name. So cute!

  2. wow nancy, what a nice comment you left! yes, for real. what a find, right? that's your dining room? how awesome! hope you continue stopping by hickory! have a wonderful long weekend, as well!



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