Monday, August 29, 2011

If You Can't Stand the Heat : Kitchen Progress!

Hi all,
Happy Monday!
This weekend was full of fun, family, and friends.
It was absolutely lovely.
As lovely as my weekend was, I did and do continue to
pray for those who were in the path of Hurricane Irene.

Here are some of the pretty things we saw...

The scenery was so peaceful.

We were in and out of a lot of homes this weekend.
All I saw?  Fabulous kitchens
Naturally, it got me thinking about our kitchen.
While it may be awhile before we can collect a chunk of change
to replace the countertops, backsplash, sink, and possibly the hardware,
I'm always on the hunt for deals in our area.

The cabinets have been professionally painted and we've replaced all the appliances.
That alone has improved the look of the kitchen tremendously.
The kitchen hardware is the same as it was prior to us moving in.
Not ideal but not awful. 

A few before shots...

Some progress...

The look of honed marble is my absolute favorite.

How insanely gorgeous does marble look with this color cabinetry?
The width of the slab doesn't hurt one bit either!

I see this color and material combination all the time.

{really lurve the gold hardware too}
I've thought about it.  What do you all think?

Despite how jaw dropping gorgeous marble can be, the maintenance of the stone terrifies me.
Based on previous experience {polished marble bathroom floors} and others reviews, I'm on the fence.
Plus marble costs a pretty penny...and boy do we have a lot of counter space!
My search for marble led me to white granite and quartzite. 
While it can't be an exact match, I do see some of the same qualities.

{white fantasy quartzite}

{white princess quartzite}

{luce di luna quartzite}

{white princess quartzite}

So what do you think?
Soapstone?  Just threw that one in there...I adore this stone!
Would it appear to dark in my space?

What I do know is this...

{farmhouse sink}
This will be mine!

Backsplashes are questionable.

{small marble subways}

{classic white subway}

I'd love your thoughts!

*photos courtesy of unknown, unknown, pinterest (2), gardenweb (4), pinterest (last three)


  1. I love marble also and would love to have it in my kitchen. Marble would be a beatiful addition to your kitchen with that pretty farmhouse sink you showed.

  2. thanks for the suggestion stacy! i think you need to spoil yourself with some marble, too!


  3. i hear you on the marble dilemma. we're in the same one now. i love the stuff, but we too have a huge kitchen we're remodeling. and we like to cook, messily cook i might add. my interior designer friend is steering me away from the marble, and toward white quartzite. which is how i found your blog. have you made a decision yet? what did you go with?

    oh, and yes on the gold hardware!


  4. hi lila! rob and i are planning on making a final decision after the holiday. we are thinking quartzite. i just need to find a good/reputable dealer and a great piece of stone. i think you are thinking right. as much as i love marble, i know that if it gets destroyed, i'll be depressed forever more! best of luck. let me know what you decide. ;)


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