Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Back Drop to Your Bookcases

If you don't mind listening, I may need someone to vent to or a shoulder to cry on.  Whenever I get like this I do my best to remind myself of the less fortunate.  Is it really that bad, Ashley?  Well, no not really.  But I'm still human and I do believe it's okay to ask for support from others and throw a pity party once in awhile.  Our built in refrigerator decided to stop cooling yesterday.  Supposedly our model is older and once the refrigeration goes, it's dead.  Just to double check, a technician is coming out on Thursday to give us the final verdict.  Please pray for us.  Built in refrigerators are ridiculously (over) priced.  Also, we'd greatly appreciate some recommendations on refrigerators (built in and non) as we might be on the hunt soon.  OK, I'm beginning to feel a little better.  Sometimes that's all it takes.  Deep breaths and an optimistic outlook.  This picture helped too.  He's just too funny.
    {rob enjoying the pb magazine}
I asked Rob to take a look at an item in the magazine as I was getting ready for the night.  This is how I found him.  At least he pretended to care.  

We're still painting around here.  Boy, is that a process in itself.  The main floor is complete and we couldn't be happier.  The cottage is light and airy and is beginning to sing to us!  I'm still contemplating colors for the upstairs and the basement.  The basement is by far the most difficult room I've ever had to choose paint for.  The walls in the basement are a wormy wood paneling (pain-eling).  While the basement does have windows and is a walk-out, it still reads fairly dark. 
{basement pre move in}
{built ins}

{wormy wood up close}

Not only are we trying to find the right shade for the walls, but we'd like to paint the inner back portion of the built ins so that we give some contrast to the room and make our objects stand out. 

I'm thinking of keeping the walls light and using a warm gray on the inner portion of the bookcases.  As far as paint color for the walls go, I'm still clueless.  I do, on the other hand, have some warm grays in mind.

{bm sandy hook gray}

{bm fairview taupe}

{bm ashley gray}

Any thoughts on the walls friends?

...thanks for listening...

  *photos courtesy of marthastewart.com and pinterest

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