Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fallin' for Walls

These walls are worth taking a look at.
Sometimes adding texture to a wall with either paneling or tile
can make a huge statement in your home.
I would love to add some of the following details to the cottage.
Hope you all enjoy!

This foyer is perfection
I'm loving the classic white walls with the dark trim
and the smokey charcoal sideboard.

Check out those beams.
The dark drapery panels pop against the creamy paneled walls.

I'd LOVE to do this in my kitchen.
The subway tile with a little extra...goes along way.
I can't stop staring.

Dark paneled ceiling and white paneled walls.  Good stuff, people!

Marble all the way up.  Yes, please!

I've always loved this home.  The varying color of wood is stunning.

The corner concrete beam and wall mounted sink is gorgeous!

Oh my lord.

Go ahead and paint your paneling!

Make one wall stand out.  Loving this in a bathroom...or a nursery!
I'm fallin' for walls...what about you?
*photos courtesy of atlanta homes magazine, atlanta homes magazine, unknown, decorpad, haute indoor couture, house of turquoise, houzz, things that inspire, unknown, with two cats blog

Thursday, February 9, 2012

In God's Hands

Some days it's hard for me to believe that things will eventually get better.

I've heard...
"Ashley it's so worth it."
"As soon as you hold your child, you'll forget all of the pain and suffering."
{i trust you but it's hard for me to believe...right now}
"Yes, you'll have another one."
{are you sure about that?!}
"The morning sickness should pass?"
{yeah, yeah...i'm well into my second trimester and see no relief, but thanks}

I came across the above quote the other day.
It's not anything I haven't heard before. 
Everyone says this in so many words, right?
But it hit. 
The plan for my life far exceeds the circumstances of my day.
I plan on staying strong for our little nugget...
and will not allow myself to get down {as hard as that may be}.

I promise this won't be the topic of my blog for long.
I'm sure a few of you don't mind the baby talk, but when it's all I'm doing
it can be a bit, well, repetitive.
If you could bare with me, that would be wonderful!
While I'm laying in the hole I've imprinted on the couch
I've done some daydreaming.

I could go on for days...

Stay tuned to watch our nursery come to life!
Thanks for all the support and kind emails!

*photos courtesy of mango watermelon love, crush cul de sac, unknown, unknown, urban grace interiors, unknown, littegreennotebook, unknown wanderings of a wannabe, apartment therapy, amy meier design, pinterest