Friday, August 12, 2011

Two Twin Beds

As I wrote the title to this blog entry I couldn't help but hum, "this old man, he played two, he played knick-knack on my shoe, with a knick-knack, paddy whack, give a dog a bone, this old man rolling home."  I'm not quite sure why but it was amusing and I thought I'd add the lyrics for some comic relief.  Lately we've been on the hunt for some cheap yet sturdy twin style beds.  Guest bedroom numero dos is completely empty.  Since it's an empty nest here at the cottage, besides Rob and I, we have some rooms to spare.  We've tossed around some ideas for the room that would be both beneficial for now and later (don't get any ideas Mom and Susan).  That will happen when it's meant to happen!  For now, we'd love to have a space to share with some of the youngsters in our lives.  My sister has identical twin girls and Rob's sisters have kiddos too!  Two twin beds for these twinnies makes my heart skip a beat.  And yes I'm aware that they are still too young. By the time they are ready to sleep in big girl beds, we'll probably have our own rugrat.  Regardless, owning two twin beds couldn't hurt.  At least that's what I keep telling myself.  I'm in love with the the look and symmetry of two small beds beside each other.
{madison and mackenzie}

{love persimmon}

{each bed gets its own sconce and floral painting above its headboard}

{a balance between femininity and masculinity}

{baskets and blankets at the foot of the beds}

{sharing of a night stand and table lamp}

{different ends of the room}

{desk between beds}

{a punch of color}

What do you all think of mixing up the bed frames? 
Does it throw off the symmetry?
I sorta like the idea of mixing iron and wood?

*photos courtesy of pinterest, coastal living, full house blog


  1. Ashley, Thanks for answering my question about the lantern. I got so excited and went straight to Ballard cause I knew all lighting was on sale!! The Calisse pendent is no longer available! So sad! Will have to keep looking. Loved your post on twin beds,so cute! Carol

  2. what a bummer, carol! i'm sure they will get more in stock if you are able to wait it out. if not, you should head over to they have some great lantern options! hope that helps!


  3. I like the 3rd and 5th pic!!!! so cute ash!

  4. hi Ashley! I love the thought of twin beds. I thought about doing them here in one of the guest rooms, but the rooms are too small, especially with the window configuration. I LOVE the third room down. I can't really see mixing different headboards- that seems like it would be cute at a "camp" but too dissimilar in a home. But, who knows maybe you will post a photo that will change my mind!
    Madison and Mackenzie are super cute!!

    happy weekend!

  5. thank you ivy!

    hi joan! i love the third bedroom down too! i can see why it may appear "campish". it will depend if i can find some good deals/styles! happy weekend to you too!


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