Sunday, August 7, 2011

Our Trip to the Outlets!

Long time no blog.

Our weekend was b-u-s-y! With a capital B.

We took a four hour trip to the Ballard Designs and Pottery Barn Outlets.
Little did we know {prior to our trip},
Ballard was having their Family and Friends discount day.

50% OFF.

We almost lost it!  I'm regretting not buying more. 
We were using our noggins at the time.   
I guess that's a good thing!

Yep, there's a Frontgate Outlet in the same building.
You can get into some real trouble here!

{what do you fancy?}

{great chairs}

{an assortment of fixtures}

{chandeliers, lanterns, pendants, sconces)

Ballard's had it all...
Do you see that white coral chandelier?  Wish I would have taken it home!
kicking myself.

We took home one chandelier, an area rug, and a pear topped paper towel holder.

{come home to mama!}

Here's the chandelier in our kitchen. 
We were so anxious I forgot to snap a picture of it in the store.

{at night}

{during the day}

{the rug positioned beneath the kitchen table}

Ballard's had alot of furniture as well.
Since we didn't have the right transportation I didn't bother teasing myself.
Thus, no pictures.  I'm sorry, friends.

Next stop.

Ikea wasn't on the internary. 
But how can you avoid playing house for a moment?

{we left with cactai}

The drive to the Pottery Barn Outlet was gorgeous.

We love the old Ohio barns...

{red barn = i die}

We arrived...

Ballard's was a hit.  PB was a miss.

My feelings can be described by this one picture.

We saw the same things that you'd find in the store but with very little discount.
Everything still felt expensive.
Ballard having 50% off the tag price couldn't have helped.

Rob and I spent the remainder of the weekend cleaning
and pulling staples from the hardwood floors upstairs.

The floors are in good condition considering the age of the home.
We plan on refinishing them in the upcoming months.
The cottage is beginning to feel like home.

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