Tuesday, August 9, 2011

If Walls Could Talk...

If walls could talk...
...what would they want to say?

After very little consideration, Rob and I decided that we needed a
chalkboard wall at the cottage.
The office seemed like the appropriate (perfect) spot!

I apologize for the pictures not being of better quality. 
The room is not finished being painted and we have an assortment on junk lying in the middle of the room.
Not blog worthy, that's for sure.

We've begun to contemplate what we'd like the chalkboard wall to say.
Sure, we could leave it blank for scribbles and notes.
But how could we possibly do that after seeing these images?

{chalkboard umbrella and vintage picture frames}
A chalkboard book is drawn on the side table...genius!

{side of a old building in chalk}
we're really liking this one!

{chalkboard pig illustration}
I've been lusting after this one for some time now.
That can't be drawn on. Can it?

{chalkboard lettering}

{chalkboard cow + fruit + veggies = cow-a-bunga!}

{chalkboard quote}
We'd love to add sconces to the board!  Hides the black cords and all!

And for the less artistic folks out there
 here's another great option...

{mixing of frames and mirrors}

By tomorrow the painting in the office should be complete.
Everything will be moved back into place and we'll get to work on the wall.
Oh, the possibilities.

Maybe it will come to me in my dreams.

goodnight friends.

 *photos courtesy of pinterest, house beautiful, jones design company


  1. Hey found your blog today thru Cote de Texas blog. You all are doing great job on the cottage! I have a chalk board wall in kitchen and love it. Everyone that comes in kitchen loves to draw on it. I have been looking for a lantern for over my kitchen Island. Would you be willing to share were you found yours in the dinning room. I love the size and shape. Keep up the hard work. Carol

  2. hi carol. so glad you found me on cotedetexas! one of my favorites! i'm glad we decided on the chalk board wall! i'd be glad to share where we got our lantern - it's from ballard designs. it's the calisse pendant. i just checked the website and they have two sizes now. i'm guessing we have the larger size by looking at price alone. please stop back and feel free to ask questions anytime!



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