Sunday, August 14, 2011

Powder Room Progress

We've made some progress in the powder room!


This room is a tight squeeze!
Like really tight.
We wanted to have the room looking spiffy with pictures and accessories
without it being too much.
We're still working on that.

Can Rob maneuver himself to the toilet without knocking things off the wall?
Seeing as I'm the more graceful of the two of us, his tests counted only!

Here's how it's looking these days...

{collection of vintage handheld mirrors}

Here's some of the items we've played with and have considered using.
Hopefully we'll have more for you later.
Wall color is Benjamin Moore Gray Owl.
We used it in our last house and would use it again and again!

This weekend was beautiful until today.
{backyard at the cottage}

{our fire pit}

{neighbor's car}
Our neighbor has numerous antique cars.
how cool is that?

We've worked on quite a bit this weekend.
...our copper top bar in the basement...
...staining the stairs...
Check back to see what we've been up to!


  1. I love BM's Gray Owl. I have it all over my house and have used it in many client's houses. Your powder room looks great - love the vintage hand-held mirrors.


  2. thanks rachel! still need to add more to the bathroom without it being "too much"! gray owl is the very best! ;)



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