Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Paint Parade

Deep breaths are in order.
Mission accomplished

Besides the staircase and a few minor touch ups, we're good to go!

Without all the things that make room a room,
it's difficult to get a true picture of how the room will evolve.
Trust me, I've second guessed some of my color choices. 
I caution other paint fanatics to avoid panicking their choice
 before furniture and accessories are in the room.

I should have waited until the morning to snap pictures as the rooms are reading a bit dark this late afternoon.  I couldn't help myself since I've been promising to add photos to the blog for sometime now.

{laundry room}

{dining room}

{family room}

{sun room}

{guest bedroom}
I consider this a darker color. Darker colors can be scary
We took a leap of faith with the swatch alone and we ended up being very satisfied!

{upstairs full bath}

In order for the paint color to be photographed well,
I had to awkwardly angle the camera.
Hopefully you can see the properties of the color.  A gray with a blue undertone.

{chalkboard wall in the office}

{guest bedroom #2}

{master bathroom}
I forgot to snap a of picture of the master bedroom.  I'm on it!

{downstairs half bath}

Scariest project to date!  White shelves are still drying.

My head continues to spin and I can't help but fixate on the color wheel.

Rob reminds me that it's no longer necessary.
I reply...
There's always the exterior.
*photo courtesy of pinterest


  1. Everything is looking great! Love the colors you are using.

  2. Everything looks great! I love these colors! Do you mind doing a paint post sometime, and sharing the colors you have used in each room? This would be really helpful, as we are getting ready to repaint most of our house. Thanks.

  3. thanks so much rene!

    yep, i'll do a paint post sometime soon! thanks for reading!


  4. wow Ashley! The house is looking amazing! Congrats on all the progress and hard work! Love that guest room paint color!


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