Monday, August 15, 2011

Our Copper Countertop

Hello folks!
I'm exhausted!  The faculty had to return to school today.
...exciting but tiring...
Summer flew by, no?

Last night Rob and I got to work on our copper counter top in the basement.
As much as we loved the natural aging and patina of the bar,
 we were just too curious.
Even though copper is high maintenance and won't stay looking like a "new penny"
for long, we plan on keeping it looking as good as can be.
It's likely that water rings and verdigris "green spots" will re appear!
We're "A" OK with this!


The secret weapon
...and some real muscle power


There is such a warmth and beauty to copper.
Don't you agree?
I'm surprised we don't see more of it in kitchens today!
Maybe too much maintenance?

Shiny like a penny.
Hopefully lucky like a penny, too!

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