Monday, August 1, 2011

Dear Weekend...

Dear Weekend,
Thanks for stopping by. 
 So sorry that you had to leave so soon.
Cannot wait for you to return...

My weekend was marvelous.
Good people, good food and some hard work.
How was yours?

My weekend began with this.

Naturally, I sprinkled roses around the cottage. 
There is nothing better then having fresh flowers scattered around the house.
Wouldn't you agree?

We caught the new flick, Crazy, Stupid, Love

Rob and I are big movie goers.  A very witty and funny movie. We would recommend! 
Funny fact about me...
I tend to see movies that look like they'll have a nice backdrop.
As in a beautiful home or apartment.

We attended Rob's father's side family reunion.

{a beautiful day for a reunion}

{peace and serenity}

{two fools in love}

{our beautiful goddaughter}

{what life is all about}

After all that fun, work was in order.
With the help of Rob's mother and step father we were ready to clean up shop.
The flower beds are beginning to look weed free.


And look what we discovered.

{we are proud owners of an apple tree}

{and a berry bush}

A home isn't a home without more work ahead...

{the garden...eek!}

All in due time.  That's what I continue to remind myself.
Inside things seem to be getting accomplished.

{the doors are lookin' slammin'}
Get it? My attempt at being funny!

{powder room light fixture}
Edison light bulb and all.

Weekends can never come soon enough.
But sharing my life and home with you during the week makes the weekdays an absolute joy!

Meet you back here tomorrow?



  1. If we could only make weekends last longer. I'm drooling over your milk glass collection and the pretty flowers. Glad you had a nice weekend.

  2. ashley, you and rob are absolutely the most beautiful couple i have ever met. you two give me hope for my future! thanks so much for sharing the story of your home. love you, girl.

  3. rene - thanks for popping over. hope you had a good weekend as well! love your blog, by the way!

    liza - such a sweet comment! very proud of you, you tv star! excited to see what the future holds for you.



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