Sunday, September 4, 2011

Never Judge a Catalog By It's Cover...

I constantly receive catalogs in the mail.  You name it, I get it.  Trust me, that's not a bad thing at all!  As soon as I see my husband carry those glossy pages into the house, I tend to revert back to childhood and burst into excitement.  Sometimes I'm let down.  Know the feeling?  One of my favorite stores in particular needs to change it up more often.  Or maybe I'm just a catalog fanatic.  I want to see more.  One new bedroom view isn't going to cut it for me. 

The At West End catalog gets sent to me no more then twice a year.  This can be the reason it tends to excite me every time.  The folks over At West End may have more time to change it up.  Plus I find there prices fairly reasonable.  I'm definitely not getting paid by AWE to write this review.  Just showing a little love for the excitement they provided me with this long gorgeous Labor Day weekend.  For those of you who are not familiar with AWE, it's a store that carries mostly accessories and some furniture and lighting options.  It's a great place to find that unusual item that will have your guests talking and asking questions.  Also, great place to find awesome gifts!  My driftwood mirror in my half bath came from AWE.  While the mirror is a tad fragile, I just adore it!

 Here are some of the items that caught my eye in the catalog and on the website.

{possibilities pendant lamp/ $75}

{flexible flared lamp in back/ $59}

{edison light bulbs/ $19}
You'll need these for your new pendants!

{recycled bicycle candelabra/ $59}

{twig umbrella stand/ $59}

{rolling metal boot dolly/ $139}
This is on the want list...

{hear no, see no, speak no owls/ $36}
Too cute for words!

{lost socks rack/ $59}
I'm particularly fond of the lost socks rack.
Perfection in the laundry room...

{rustic metal numbers/ $15 a piece}
They have letters too at $20 a pop!

{giant bull paintings/ $295 a piece}
A real statement piece

{enormous recycled whale/ $195}
4 feet long!

{flying pig doorstop/ $42}
Add some whimsy at the door...

{rustic tin candle wings/ $9)

I hope some of these items are fresh and new for you, too!
Happy Labor Day, friends!

     *all photos courtesy of at west end; last photo courtesy of

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