Thursday, September 29, 2011

Care to Join Us in Some Dining Room Progress?

Tell me... is a room ever completely finished?
This is something I battle with and you know this if you follow my blog.
We've made some progress in our dining room and I'm over the moon thrilled.
We do, however, have some work ahead of us as far as final touches go.
We're getting there.
We still need...
window treatments
to complete the table scape
add some dishes on on the wall beside the mirror?
hang the mirror (jeesh!)

Those things that make a room feel complete and homey

Here's a reminder of how the room looked prior to us moving in.

Some progress...

I'm not quite sure why everything looks miniature in size. 
Could it be that I'm just not a professional photographer?
I'd like to think that I'm capable, but boy o' golly...those angles get tricky!
Lighting in another story.
More work ahead this weekend!

Sunday is my husband's birthday!

My love for design and decorating
wouldn't be a reality without this man.
I can't wait to continue on this adventure together.
It's so much fun!

Wishing you another year full of love and happiness.

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  1. Your Husband is really cute! How lucky you are. Hope that the two of you had a great b-day weekend and I will be sure to check back for more updates. love the blog!


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