Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hanging By a Moment...

We did a lot of hanging this weekend.
We hung all types of ways.
Hung out and hung things.
Try saying that ten times fast.

This weekend we caved in and bought a painting that we've had our eye on.
We debated the purchase and searched for other options.
Nothing could win us over quite like that painting did.
We don't have a lot on free wall space in our kitchen,
so whatever we chose to hang had to be special.
Behold...Bugsy the French Chef.

The artist is a local painter, so Bugsy is one of a kind.
The artist will take requests and will paint a portrait of your own pooch.
How awesome is that?

I love how serious he looks.
Every time I walk through the door, I see Bugsy and smile.
Well worth the moola.

We finally purchased window treatments for the dining room.
I have serious buyer's contemplation when deciding on fabric.
Even when choosing the right rod.
Ridiculous, no?

{pottery barn's vanessa floral in neutral}

We liked the way it played off the anthropologie dishes and the other fabric
in the room without being too feminine. 
Even though I like "girly", I tend to like a healthy balance of
 femininity and masculinity.

We found these beautiful sconces this weekend.
I'm not quite sure where they'll go yet.  The master bedroom is a possiblity.

Do you mind tilting your head sideways?

And as always we had fun hanging out...

...being total goof balls!

It was my husband's birthday today and his beloved team lost.

Now he's hanging on a prayer that they'll win the next game.
The birthday boy is moping and doesn't want his picture taken.

It's most definitely fall here around the cottage.

It's our first Fall in our new home and I'm loving every moment!
I'm getting sleepy, can we hang out later?


  1. Happy birthday to Rob. The cottage is coming around just beautiful. Any ideas for fall decorating up your sleeve?

  2. I love the painting and those curtains are beautiful! Great choice!

  3. mrsformal - thank you! i'll see what i got up my sleeve! ;)

    rachel - thanks for stopping rachel! glad you likin' everything!


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