Sunday, October 23, 2011

C'mon Baby Light My Fire

"fire" appears to be the theme of my weekend.

This is in part due to my obsession with our fireplace.
We've been waiting since July to get our flat screen recessed.
The waiting game is the absolute pits.
My apologies for the not so pretty word.
Not only are we waiting for the tv to be recessed and
additional molding to be added, we are "throwing" around the idea
of changing the fireplace color from a creamy white to a grayish/green.
My obsession goes further.  Check out the tile we're currently working with.

Do you love it as much as I do? Hee!

An easy enough project for us to tackle?  I think so!
I scanned the web for some inspiration.

Love the subway pattern!

Smaller sized tiles are equally beautiful!

I'm leaning towards travertine subways in hopes that they will compliment
the existing surrounding stone.

Decisions, decisions!

thoughts, anyone?

Creamy white vs. grayish/green???
Another headache : /
We're currently digging this shade.

{Sherwin Williams Intellectual Gray}

Ring the bell!

I'm pretty thrilled with our antique school wall-mounted fire bell!
Even better, this bell lived out it's early life in the
elementary school I attended.
My dad was able to get his hands on it and pass it on to us.
We welcome the bell into the cottage!
Very happily, I might add.

Nighty, night!

*photos courtesy of inspiredmodeling, themarionhousebook,,


  1. Love the fireplace idea . The bell is very neat. Have great monday!!!!!

  2. I think either would be a great improvement;) I know don't you hate waiting... kills me!
    What about looking at a stone place for a remant of one solid piece (my antique fp's all have one solid pc) of travertine/limestone/soapstone/bluestone?! That would be even easier, no tile to lay!!

    happy week!

  3. You know, I HATE my fireplace, so I think any of these would be a welcomed change, but I think the travertine subway would be really nice, and I am gonna totally steal that color from you! Who knew, intellectual gray! GORGE!

  4. thanks andy!

    as always, good advice joan!

    steal away, niartist! hope you like the color. make sure to tell me how it looks!

  5. Ashley- I never replied to this question in your email (sorry:() so I will reply here. I woluld leave the surround White Dove. I think if it were a full mantle you could go a color but since it has such a small profile I would leave it White Dove to give it more visual weight.


  6. thanks joan! i decided to keep the fireplace white! with the few painted pieces of furniture in bluish/green that we have, i thought the fireplace painted green would be over kill. but i didn't consider the profile. you are a genius!


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