Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hickory Dickory Dock

crazy weekend!
So much so, that I'm in need of a weekend.
We lit our first fire today.
Having had a gas fireplace at our past bungalow,
the wood burning crackles are new to us.
Without a doubt, we're getting spoiled!

It was a shopping extravaganza on Saturday.
We purchased a few dishes to hang in the dining room...
a bottle drying rack {not the real deal...but lovely nonetheless}...
a few of those anthropologie glasses I blogged about a few days ago...
a ironstone soup tureen from Pottery Barn...
and some pillows for our new couches.

way too much but necessary.
Did any of my fellow bloggers check out the Family and Friends at Pottery Barn?
I hope you got some goodies!
There was more online that I had my eye on then what was in the stores.
Too bad it was only good in special orders.
Ticks me off.  Coupon code, PB!

Without further ado...our crazy weekend.

The deer silhouette is now hanging.  He needs friends.
Not really...just something to flank the sides of the frame.
Sconces, possibly?  I'm on the hunt.
Deer and hunt...that doesn't sound good :\

We finally hung our Hickory sign in the mudroom! 

On another note... you need to locate and order one of these candles.
It's from the Swan Creek Candle Co.
We're currently enjoying Vanilla Pound Cake.
Pure Heaven.
These candles come in a variety of pots.
They look good and smell good.  You can't go wrong.

Lastly, I'm hoping that you can offer me your opinion.
We have a carpenter dropping by to take a look at our fireplace.
We plan on recessing and mounting our flat screen.
I can't help but feel that a black screen against white wood will appear harsh.
We are tempted to paint our fireplace a grayish/greenish hue.
Similar to our cabinetry.
I think it will make a statement, but am on the fence?
Can you help me pick a side?


  1. Can't believe how nice the house is coming. It has really put me in the shopping spirit. Was a pottery barn twice this weekend.

  2. glad your weekend was nice . wow that fire looks so cozy!!!

  3. I think I would try to paint it darker. If you hate it you can always change it back. The beauty of paint...


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