Thursday, October 6, 2011

How Much Wood...

A wonderful winter surprise on a warm fall day.
Yes, indeedy!
Rob and I were the fortunate finders of a fire wood rack
 in the woods behind our cottage.
Don't was on our property!
I'll snap a picture of it tomorrow.
There's something about a wood rack that has me swooning!
Quite a few houses in our neighborhood have these babies on their front porch.
In my opinion, they really set the tone.  Immediately I get the impression that
those neighbors have a warm and cozy home. 
Maybe I've seen too many movies. 
Not maybe...I most definitely have.
And maybe, subconsciously, I associate fire wood racks with
snow, fires, family, and comfort food.

I hope you enjoy looking at wood as much as I do...

Feeling toasty?
Let the chopping begin!

*photos courtesy of porchlightinteriors, plowhearth (2,3),, frontgate, pinterest


  1. love houses that have a wood fireplace or woodstove . Maybe just me but a gas fireplace isnt the same as hearing the cracking and popping of real wood .love your home, have a great weekend

  2. i agree andy! the popping sound makes a world of a difference! thanks for your sweet words! have a wonderful sunday!


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