Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pumpkin Picking and Our Fall Porch

Temperatures in the high 70's in October is unheard of where we live.
Trust me, I'm not complaining!  
Rob and I went pumpkin picking this weekend and
since I tend to be a freeze baby, the nice weather allowed
me to take my time.  Usually I'm in and out.  Brrr
The mission of the trip was to find pumpkins, hay stacks, and 
those pretty cabbage plants to liven up the cottage's front porch. 

A few pictures of the cottage in the morning...
still wet and dewey!

...once the sun warmed everything up

We'll be sad once all those pretty leaves decide to fall.
I'll be sad because I know what's ahead
(I'm a lousy season transitioner- is that a word?)
Rob will be sad because we've got to rake them all up.
With all these tree's, the process has already begun!
Fun times...

Now for our pumpkin display!

Have you got your pumpkins yet?

Hope it's sunny where you are!
Enjoy your Sunday, friends!


  1. This put me in the mood. First pumpkin picking and then Halloween Costumes for the kids...

  2. So, so pretty! I love those peanut pumpkins. Last year was the first year I have ever seen one and I think they are sooo cool! I bet y'all are loving the new house this time of year!
    happy Fall!

  3. peanut pumpkins are by far my favorite! they are so unusual! i had never seen one until this year! ...and i could only find this one! yep, we are loving fall! i bet you are too!


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