Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Farmhouse Find...

A farmhouse sink.  It's always been in the plans.
If you've purchased one or dream to own one, you are aware
that they cost a pretty penny.
Gosh darn, they sure do make a room.
I've searched for months and recently happened upon this beauty.
$40 dollars.  Is this a joke?
This isn't your "typical" farmhouse sink.
As you can see from the photograph,
this model has a backsplash built into the back of the sink.
I'm not sure if it will work in our kitchen due to the
oversized window that sits so beautifully over our current sink. 

This is how Rob and my conversation sounded...
A: Babe, I found a sink.  Vintage utility sink. I must own.
R: How much does it cost?
A: $40.  That's why we need it.
R: OK, let's measure the space.
A: Ahh, OK. {Was skeptical and worried my plan was already over}
R: Honey, the sink's too big.
A: Um, no, we'll make it work.
R: Whatever you say.
A: I gotta have it.
R: Whatever.

You get the point. 
I'm tough.  He knows when it's worth arguing.
She's sitting in our garage. 
Let's look at more

The sink looks brand new.  I couldn't be more pleased!
The style of this sink is very similiar to Kohler's Gilford model.
You can expect to spend $1200 on a Gilford.
No way are we working with that kind of budget!
I do think we could make it work.  If not, we could always sell it.

Here's how this model looks in a kitchen.

Two blog posts in one day, that's a personal record!
I was just too excited to not share immediately.
Not always do I receive a lot of feedback on my posts,
but I know that all my blog friends are out there
 reading and supporting.

I feel so very lucky for my few friends.
If the sink doesn't work for me,
maybe it will work for one of you!
*photos courtesy of house and home, twice remembered blog, southern living


  1. love love love the sink great choice!!!!!

  2. smart husband;)! The sink is FAB-U!!! Hope you can make it work, and it not at least you can sell it for a profit!!


  3. thanks andy! i'm obsessed!

    hi joan! congrats on the magazine! i hope we can make it work too! i'd hate to part with it!

  4. Awsome and only 40 dollars...what a steal I would love to get one of these..I was at a garage sale a few weeks ago and they had one attached to a tree with flowers growing in it it was really cute. I think it might of been a smaller version. Wish I had took a pic. Anyway just found your blog and I will be sure to Follow thanks Frances

  5. thanks for following, frances! sink flower pot, cute idea!


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