Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Embrace the Cool Breeze with Ease

Today was chilly.
May I ask how it can go from
being sweltering hot to space heater cold within days?
The beauty of mother nature.
I'm a freeze baby.
However, there is something I love about the crisp cool air.
I'm expecting it to warm up a bit before the true fall weather greets us.
Until then...grab a cup of jo and enjoy.

*photos courtesy of crush cul de sac; 2/3/4 pinterest; justine taylor; pinterest; tinywhitedaisies; pinterest; tinywhitedaisies 


  1. Fall is a great time of year . Chilly mornings , soups , fireplace. Take care and enjoy the season!!!!!

  2. i agree andy! stay warm and enjoy the season, as well!


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