Monday, September 26, 2011

Fairs Aren't Always Fair...

Fairs aren't always fair
and sometimes they don't end like a FAIRytale.
Blogs are meant to share beautiful photos of rooms
and often times bloggers post those diamond in the rough finds.

I'm going to go out in a limb and presume that we've all been on blogs
 in our blog-life and asked ourselves
"How do they get so lucky?"
Without a doubt, I've been on the jealous end of the computer screen!
I do believe that luck plays a role in finding those coveted treasures.
However, I firmly believe that knowing the "where" and the "when" can
come in handy during your searches {antiques or not!}

For example, we know which Home Goods we can hit the jackpot at.
Am I right?

After attending last weeks Country Living Fair, I was on cloud 9.
This weekend a nearby town was hosting an antique market.
Many friends and family members encouraged that I drop by.
I was unpleasantly surprised.
High prices and nothing that caught my eye.
How could that be?
I paid my 6 dollar admittance fee! 
There needs to be something that would make my time worthwhile!
Huf, nothing.

Nonetheless, I shared my afternoon with my hunky husband and
my lovely in-laws.  Not to mention I was able to gaze at all the lovely
scenery on the drive down and snap some pictures on our way back into our town.

Camera - check
Cell - check
Coat - check
Scarf- check
Boots - check
I'm ready for the fair!

Let's drive back home.

love, love, love this brick road near our home.

And then my husband and father-in-law installed these...

Eek, jumping up and down!

Later that afternoon we added...

Looking at the chain on this fixture had been bothering me.
Now I can happily move on.

My weekend was delightful despite the not so fair, fair.
How was yours, friends?


  1. I love the adding architectural details like that. I'll net you are so excited. Lovely pictures from your day.

  2. thanks, rene! you bet right! just need to finish the room now...phew! will it ever get done?

  3. hi Ashley! We call days like that "kissing toads" and we have lots of them! But... when you find that fabulous find it makes them all worth it! Beautiful day and photos even if you didn't find anything.

    love your new additions to your house!

    happy fall!


  4. hi joan! kissing toads...i like it! i'll have to remember that one! ;) thanks for stopping by! happy fall to you, too!


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