Saturday, September 10, 2011

Thoughts and Musings at the Cottage

Just because I'm busy, doesn't mean I don't love you
blog and friends.
I haven't been preoccupied. 
 Hooked on Hickory is always on my mind.
You know the drill.
I've been doing my very best to add some cottage love to that mix.

When Rob and I aren't completely drained from a day's work,
we go bumming around {as the hubby likes to call it!}
I completely adore those nights.
It's what keeps me ticking.

While Home Goods and stores in that category are often disappointing,
antiquing and thrifting are generally out of the question
that late in the evening.
This week we purchased a few small things. 

{cloche, moss, nest, robin blue eggs}
We're working up a project.  Stay tuned.

{vintage metal seltzer bottle}
Hello beautiful.  I literally stopped in my tracks.
There is nothing new about this seltzer bottle.
The original price tag: $125
My price: $14.99
This bottle is hefty.  There is no way it's a reproduction?
I'm thrilled! We'll move on.

{butler's pantry rooster bowl}
The butler's pantry rooster bowl retails for $30.00.
Not break the bank expensive, but when you can have it for $5,
I call that a find.

Hello, my name is Ashley and I have a dish obsession.
Ever here of Lenox's Butler's Pantry Collection?
I'm particularly over the moon for the Buffet Dinnerware. 
I'm collecting.
I need it all!  Here's what the collection looks like.

Creamy perfection
I'd love to see all this dinnerware on display in our dining room.

I'm off to enjoy this cloudy Saturday.
ta-ta for now.
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  1. Love the seltzer bottle! Such a great find.

  2. why thank you, stacy! your place is looking fabulous!


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