Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Chair Mystery Solved!

We recently added these lovely ladies to our dining room!
Rob and I originally planned on using them in our family room, but
my talented mama and I put our heads together and came up
with something that I feel worked out even better.
If you remember, I found a pair of these chairs on the curb over the summer.
TrashC'mon people!
Until then, I'd never seen chairs that looked quite like this.
I've searched the web and blog land high and low.
I was able to locate a picture of the chairs but
was unable to find a name for them.

Today, the chair mystery has been solved!

According to Houzz and chinoiseriechic, it's a
Fretwork Chinese Chippendale Chair.
It looks like you can purchase your very own on for $999 a pair.
On, they can be found by searching
"Italia" Chairs.
I can now mentally move on.

I do, however, have a confession to make.
I need some sort of antique furniture intervention.
I'm finding too many amazing pieces {deals} to pass up!
Why does this happen all in the same month?
I found a unique coffee table and dresser.
Convince me to move on?
Or do I go for it?
*photo courtesy of caitlin creer interiors

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