Sunday, September 11, 2011

To Paint or Not To Paint?

Mirror mirror on the wall...
...shall we paint you or leave you natural ?

I'd truly appreciate your input.
We'd like to hang this mirror in our entry.
While it does compliment our freshly stained stairs,
I can't help but to question, to paint or not to paint?


  1. I say paint. A light paint will bring out all the details!

  2. Leave it! Leave It! It's gorgeous the way it is! It really depends on what look you want though. If you want a classy fancy look...leave it. If you want more of chic look, paint it, whitewash it...I love the mirror. It's awesome!

  3. i agree jen! i thought of gray or a whitewashed look!

    kennedy wife - you read my mind with the whitewash. but i am totally loving how it looks now! i'd hate to mess up something that is already so beautiful!

    decisions, decisions.

    thank you both for your suggestions!

  4. I love it natural. That is what I would do with it if it was mine. It is a beautiful mirrow.
    Sometimes beauty should remain untouched.]

  5. i agree, mrsformal! thanks for your input! ;)


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