Sunday, July 31, 2011

Live a Little

On a beautiful Sunday...
I invite you to live a little...
Enjoy the sunshine friends!

*photo courtesy of pinterest

Friday, July 29, 2011

One Step Closer to Our Dream Cottage

Have you ever felt as though your so close yet so far from crossing the finish line?  Home design and home renovation can evoke such feelings.  In the past month, we've transformed our cottage quite a bit.  At the same time, there isn't one room that I'd call finished.  Painting a room and developing ideas for your space is just the starting point.  Home renovation shouldn't be rushed.  As you live and breath the space, ideas should come to you.  Lately, ideas are pouring in.  Too fast!  Because of this rush of ideas, we've taken on too many projects.  Have you ever felt this way?  Despite taking on too much, I can't help but to feel one step closer to our dream home.  While we're on the subject of steps...
{front entry staircase}

{entry way and front door}

Pretty BORING, huh?

I generally really like carpet runners.  There is something so cozy and traditional about them.  We really didn't even dislike this one.  If you scroll back up to the picture of the staircase, you'll notice that the treads, risers, and side trim are all the same finish.  Rob and I needed a bit more pop.  A entrance deserves more, that's all!  Here's what Rob and I were up to late last night. 
{catch ya' later}

{dust and carpet pads...yuck}

{watch your step}

{staples galore}

{step by step, oo baby}

...if it looks like this...
it will be WORTH it.

*photo courtesy of coastal living

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day: Our Sun Room

Mostly cloudy with a 60% chance of precipitation.  I woke up this morning to pouring rain and thunderstorms.  We need some rain after all this heat.  Despite needing the rain, I can't help but feel down and un energetic on days like these

To put the kick back in my step, I decided to search blog land and pinterest for some sun room inspiration.  Ah ha!  Just the trick.  The clouds began to part and the sun decided to make an apperance.  Not literally.  Work with me here... ;)

{our sun room before}

{sun room getting painted}
The original color is to your left.

{take two}
Did you notice the light blue ceiling?
So Southern...even in the Northeast!

{lookin' spiffy}

We have big plans for this room.  I close my eyes and envision sheer gauzy window treatments flanking the windows.  A daybed?  That's a possibility.  Or wicker funiture to enhance the beauty of the room and to create a gathering place for family and friends.  The possibilities are endless.  Are you ready for some sun room and porch goodies? 

{grey brick, wicker furniture, and industrial light fixtures}
...and that moravian star on the table...

{blue paneled ceiling}

{furniture on rollers and sisal}

{chandelier and greenery}

{wish we had that back drop}

{candles creating ambiance}

{lanterns and mixing wicker textures}

{with fall approaching...too soon!}

{i spy bamboo}

Hope you have a LOVELY and BRIGHT Thursday! 

 *photos courtesy of pinterst, dear lillie, hooked on houses

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Basket Case: Laundry Design Board

We didn't end up choosing any of the blue shades that were up for consideration.  A total basket case I am...I agree.  We ultimately decided on Sherwin Williams Blue Hubbard.  A soft moody blue with a hint of green.  It's an old Martha color, but it can be mixed for you.

{sw blue hubbard}

Here's how it's looking in our space...

The machines are IN and the excitement in beginning to brew!

What we're thinking for the room...

{antique bench}
{bamboo area rug}
{hickory sign}
{wall mounted coat rack}
Should arrive today...YAY!
{the original property plans from our neighborhood}
Thanks to our wonderful neighbors!
We plan to frame this and possibly hang it in the mudroom.

{old polaroids hung from string}
We are considering hanging polaroids.  Would look totally cute using clothes pins.
{chicken wire baskets minus the glasses}
{antique door in the process of being refinished}
This is one of those ideas I have that ends up being a big job.

Look what he surprised me with last night!

{upstairs hallway}
{soon to be office with a big ol' stain}

{bedroom #4}

Now the entire house is in all it's hardwood glory.
Just more work ahead.

If you happen to read this.
You are the hardest working man I've ever met.
I'm the luckiest gal on the planet.
*photos courtesy of house beautiful, pottery barn, unknown


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lantern Loveliness

We love us some big lanterns!  The kind that make a statement.  When the huge box arrived in the mail and I attempted pulling the fixture from  it's packaging, I had a few "what the heck were you thinking" looks.  I also heard, "A light of that size should be in a foyer!"  I couldn't and wouldn't accept the doubt.  Check out some of our lantern inspiration.

*photos courtesy of houzz, coastal living, decorpad, holly mathis, house beautiful

Putting this lantern up was no easy task.

{dining room before}

{zero pizazz for a dining room}


{installation = excitement}

{that's my man}

{struting his stuff}

{light, camera, action!}

{dining room progress}

Moral of the blog story?
Do what makes YOU happy!
We couldn't be more pleased with how it looks.
Make people believers...