Friday, July 22, 2011

Once in a Blue Moon

If you had to guess how often you paint a room, what would your answer be?  I'm going to take a guess.  Once in a blue moon?  For many home owners and renters (whose landlords allow painting!) a room is painted and often left that way for quite some time.  The paintaholic in me does prefer changing it up.  However, Rob and I try our best to choose paint colors that we'd truly miss if we decided to paint over them.  Thus, choosing the right color is crucial.  Said it before and I'll say it again.  I apologize if it's repetitious.

Since our last post on paint and color swatches, a lot has changed at the cottage.  I am a firm believer that is often takes one full coat rolled onto the walls to get the true picture of how the color will appear in your space.  I'd love to gloat and proclaim that those itty bitty swatches and my color stories always work out flawlessly.  A color in one house or in one room may not translate in another.  For that reason, I often take precaution when viewing colors over the web.  Don't say I didn't warn you.   Okay, sorry, back to why things have changed at the cottage.  Just call me out when I decide to go on a tangent about color.  Can you tell I'm passionate?  ;)

While we weren't entirely decided on what hue each room would don, we did have a pretty good clue.  Boy have things changed.  As of yesterday, I was begininning to see too much beige. Eck.  While our favorite go to colors tend to be in the white and cream family, we do want some cheeriness and pop at the cottage and above all see the white dove trim really get the praise it deserves.  I began looking to blue for some answers.  We'd like to see our ceiling in the sunroom and walls in the mudroom get the same muted shade of blue.  It appears that blue is the theme for the walls...boy do I got the blues!

{the sunroom}

{cedar shakes on walls and beadboared ceiling}

{ceiling take two}

{sunroom from the exterior}


A true blue gal, deserves some true blue walls.  Let me show you some of the blues that have been up for discussion at the cottage.  

 {benjamin moore glass slipper}

{bm glass slipper room shot}

{benjamin moore wythe blue}

{stunning kitchen in bm wythe blue}
{benjamin moore palladian blue} 

{bm palladian blue room shot}

{sherwin williams rainwashed}

{sw rainwashed room shot}

Do you have the blues like I do?

We're diggin' our kitchen colors!
So far, so good.

*photos courtesy of house beautiful, jo rabuat, house of turquoise blog, decorpad

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