Thursday, July 21, 2011

Shop Till' You Drop!

Sometimes you gotta get out.  Recently, most of my time has been occupied by cleaning, organizing, and contractors.  While most of the work at the cottage will be done by me and the hubs, we've had to hire a few people to aid us in the beginning stages of our purchase.  It's tough to truly get anything accomplished when you have people wondering around your house asking you, and only you, each and every question. While I enjoy being captain of the cottage, sometimes the walls start closing in on you and you've had enough.  Nothing a shopping trip can't fix.  Fortunately, even after a long day of work, Rob agreed to the outing.  Gosh, I love that man.  Jump in the car and crank the AC.  It's been HOT out here.

Home Goods ring a bell? 
Yeah, let's stop there.

I characterize Home Goods as a "sometimes" store.  Sometimes you find something, sometimes you don't.  Sometimes it's a good deal, sometimes not good enough.  Let's take a peek.

{tolix chair}
For a reproduction and with it's affordable price tag, it's a great deal. 
It resembles Anthropologie's much more expensive Redsmith dining chair.

{anthropologie redsmith dining chair for $198 buckaroos}

pretty fabric + caster wheels

Sometimes I'm into quote art, other times not so much.
Rob pointed this one out and I couldn't help but agree.
This is cute and large enough to be a conversation starter!

This lantern caught our eye.  The color of the frame and the mirror on the inside stood out.

That's all we got folks!
Just Kidding!

I couldn't stop there.  World Market was right across the way! 

Heat and Rob don't mix well.
Yikes he looks mad.
Good thing I'm not afraid...

Off we went!

{aiden coffee table}

{campaign chair}

{cargo barstools}

{jackson table + jackson tub chairs}

lots' of industrial looks for fair prices...

{amelie table lamp}

{love this rug}
future plans?

While we would have loved to take all those goodies home with us, it just wasn't possible.  But we were able to snatch up a few things to bring home.

{wire basket from home goods and glasses from world market}

{juice time}

{apple on back}
we likey ;)

While the rest of us were trying to stay cool...

{thing 1}

{thing 2}

aka my sissies twin girls

sneak peek of the chairs + fabric
courtesy of Rob

Stay cool friends.

*photos courtesy of anthropologie


  1. I am so jealous that you have a World Market located near you! I'm relying on the website! Those glasses are beautiful! And cute lil baby there! xo Carolyn

  2. carolyn,
    thanks for stopping by! what a bummer about not having a world market near by. i'm always in and out so let me know if your interested in something and i can sneak a pic! ;)



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