Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day: Our Sun Room

Mostly cloudy with a 60% chance of precipitation.  I woke up this morning to pouring rain and thunderstorms.  We need some rain after all this heat.  Despite needing the rain, I can't help but feel down and un energetic on days like these

To put the kick back in my step, I decided to search blog land and pinterest for some sun room inspiration.  Ah ha!  Just the trick.  The clouds began to part and the sun decided to make an apperance.  Not literally.  Work with me here... ;)

{our sun room before}

{sun room getting painted}
The original color is to your left.

{take two}
Did you notice the light blue ceiling?
So Southern...even in the Northeast!

{lookin' spiffy}

We have big plans for this room.  I close my eyes and envision sheer gauzy window treatments flanking the windows.  A daybed?  That's a possibility.  Or wicker funiture to enhance the beauty of the room and to create a gathering place for family and friends.  The possibilities are endless.  Are you ready for some sun room and porch goodies? 

{grey brick, wicker furniture, and industrial light fixtures}
...and that moravian star on the table...

{blue paneled ceiling}

{furniture on rollers and sisal}

{chandelier and greenery}

{wish we had that back drop}

{candles creating ambiance}

{lanterns and mixing wicker textures}

{with fall approaching...too soon!}

{i spy bamboo}

Hope you have a LOVELY and BRIGHT Thursday! 

 *photos courtesy of pinterst, dear lillie, hooked on houses


  1. Hi! The color is looking good! Loving your inspiration pics! Jean

  2. hi jean! thank you! paint makes such a difference! can't wait to show you more.


  3. Love all the photos. Different sights of sun rooms make me more inspired to have my own sun room. Thanks!

  4. Painting your sun room with a bright color is a good start. And with these inspirations, I'm sure you'll be able to come up with a fabulous sun room for your home. Good luck on this project!!


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