Monday, July 18, 2011

Holy Moly!

Purposely placing holes in some walls while at the same time finding un-noticed holes in areas we didn't expect.  That's been my morning. 

We are purposely putting a hole in the mudroom to run the pipes for the washer and dryer.  Trying to sneak around the workers to snap a picture of a hole without them seeing me is a difficult task.  Can you imagine how crazy they would think I was?  I can hear them now..."What the heck is up with this crazy girl?"  Probably wouldn't look to normal.  Here's the progress on the mudroom.

Now for the holes I wasn't expecting to find.  Gosh darn those massive mirrors.  You'd never think to peak behind the mirrors before purchasing a home.  You may find yourself, with well, a hole

This is the fireplace in our family room.  A beauty, isn't she?  Before the now gaping hole you see, there was a large scaled and quite beautiful mirror in its place.  I couldn't believe the homeowners were so lovely to leave it with the house.  Now I know why ;)  That's okay, we are still unbelievably happy to have the mirror...just more trouble shooting ahead.  See, the hubs and I were planning to mount our flat screen up there.  I know, I know, not the most beautiful way to display a television.  Problem is, there is not one other good place to put the t.v.  I'd hate to cover up any of the windows, which flank both sides of the room.  Also, furniture placement would have been an issue.  Now, we can either cut out more of the space to recess the television or try to fill it in.  I really do love the little cut out detail above.  That's the only thing that kept me from losing it.  So what do we do friends?  Any suggestions?

And for the last hole.  I shouldn't say last.  It's only 11 a.m. here. 

This is the mirror above the sink in our first level powder room.  It's a heavy thing, so I had to very carefully squeeze my way against the wall to get the shot.

Nothing a little dry wall can't fix.

I hear a lot of buzzing going on downstairs.  I have a desperate need to control things or watch for some reason (and maybe snap a few more pictures!)
Suggestions on the television?

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