Tuesday, July 19, 2011

One Person's Trash...

After yesterday's post and once discovering numerous mysterious holes in our walls, I decided to go on a scavenger hunt around the cottage.  Having just moved in, there is plenty of organizing, throwing away, and settling to still be done.  I have to admit, the cottage has been a fun place to do it.  I began my journey in the storage shed knowing the place was packed with junk.  Hey, the hubs and I love junk.    And we bloggers understand and appreciate junk.  Because...junk often leads to treasure!

Here are some of our finds...

{Vintage Croquet Set}

How about a game of croquet?  This baby stopped me right in my tracks.    We've got the other mallet and the balls out in the shed but the humidity and cobwebs had me running for shelter.  I plan on sending Rob out to gather the remainder of the set.  How about that caddy?  Ahhh.  Just too cool for words.

(Rusty and Chippy objects send me over the moon}

{Mallets up close}

I'm sure we can find a place for the set! ;)

Now, for some more trash? treasure?

{Even packed with dirt this has potential}

I can see this vintage old box being used as a silverware caddy or in an office to display your pencils, pens, and other supplies.  This is a keeper!

{Vintage Oil Can}
A red chippy mess...j'adore!

I'm super excited to show you my next find(s). These were not found at the cottage.  I, ah, trash picked.  There's a first time for everything right?  I'm not sure whether I should feel embarrassed or just own it.  I think I'll own it ;)
{Vintage? Antique? Chairs}

I happened to drive by these chairs on my way home.  It took me driving around the block 5 times to get the guts to pull over and snatch these up.  Don't laugh.  I was totally and utterly afraid for some reason.  Is trash picking even allowed?  I called Rob.  No answer.  Was I waiting to get his approval or permission?  

I decided to suck it up when I saw another passer-byer creeping up behind me.  She saw exactly what I was doing...thinking.  I could see it in her eyes (yes, even through the rear view mirror)!  But I couldn't stop now.  I drove as fastly (and carefully) around the block to see if they would still be there.  She must have been just as big of a chicken as I was.  They were all mineBah ha ha ha

Now was the test.  Parked the car.  Big gulp.  Casually walked towards them as if they were already mine.  All I can say is those chairs were heavy!  Success.  All on my own and in the garage when Rob arrived home from work.  The way I like things done!

We plan on buying some fabric later today and working on the chairs this weekend.  Hopefully we will have the new and improved chairs to show you early next week.  Fingers crossed!

I have a few funny pictures to show my few (but appreciated readers!)  The mudroom is coming along nicely.  Everything is equipped for the washer and dryer to function and now Rob is working on making the closet look more like a casing/nook.  First job, remove the doors. A tough job, but someone's gotta do it.

{Look at those guns}
Necessary for such work, I may add...

{Mission accomplished}

Here's what we are currently working with...

Can't wait to do some laundry ;)

Smell ya later!

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