Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Basket Case: Laundry Design Board

We didn't end up choosing any of the blue shades that were up for consideration.  A total basket case I am...I agree.  We ultimately decided on Sherwin Williams Blue Hubbard.  A soft moody blue with a hint of green.  It's an old Martha color, but it can be mixed for you.

{sw blue hubbard}

Here's how it's looking in our space...

The machines are IN and the excitement in beginning to brew!

What we're thinking for the room...

{antique bench}
{bamboo area rug}
{hickory sign}
{wall mounted coat rack}
Should arrive today...YAY!
{the original property plans from our neighborhood}
Thanks to our wonderful neighbors!
We plan to frame this and possibly hang it in the mudroom.

{old polaroids hung from string}
We are considering hanging polaroids.  Would look totally cute using clothes pins.
{chicken wire baskets minus the glasses}
{antique door in the process of being refinished}
This is one of those ideas I have that ends up being a big job.

Look what he surprised me with last night!

{upstairs hallway}
{soon to be office with a big ol' stain}

{bedroom #4}

Now the entire house is in all it's hardwood glory.
Just more work ahead.

If you happen to read this.
You are the hardest working man I've ever met.
I'm the luckiest gal on the planet.
*photos courtesy of house beautiful, pottery barn, unknown



  1. Hi! Just found your new blog. I too have an older home that I am "lovingly" trying to remodel. Looks like you are well under way and have some great ideas to share! I'll be visiting again soon!


  2. you are indeed a lucky woman! there is nothing better than an handy husband AND one who wants to help you make your house-dream a reality!!

    love the space! especially love the street sign and the plans of your neighborhood- how cool is that to have?!!

    everything is looking great! so exciting!

  3. jean - thank you for dropping by. i'll stop by your blog, as well. visit soon!

    joan - your the best! can't wait to show you more. lots' of work ahead! ;) thanks for all the sweet comments. that barometer would look fab in your house!


  4. what a fabulous plan for a mudroom! can't wait to see more!

  5. why thank you, rachel! we're excited to finish it up so you all can take a looksie!


  6. What a lovely color you picked. I also love the white beadboard ceiling. I would be embarassed to show my laundry room at the moment - lots of mess and no charm.

  7. thanks stacy! how i love beadboard ceilings! i'm sure your laundry room is stunning! hard to believe it's not. we are all so hard on ourselves, aren't we?



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