Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Confessions of a Paintaholic

Come on in...if you dare!

I apologize if I scared you.  But I have to warn you.  Painting and the process of choosing the right color can be entirely overwhelming.  Even before the keys to the cottage were in my hand, I began developing a color story for the house.  Choosing colors that flow from one room the next is crucial.  Well, to me anyways.  Any paintaholic like me can attest that picking the right colors can take over your life.  I was doing less cuddling and more fan deck looking...less socializing and more color sampling.  Color swatches couldn't escape my mind as I'd lie awake.  Months in and I'm still undecided about how each room will evolve.  Only time will tell. 

Here's what we're working with.  Have your walls ever resembled a multi-colored cheetah like ours do?  It's the new look.  Oh, you didn't know that? ;)

{Kitchen in all it's glory}

Is it strange that drop clothes excite me?  Even though drop clothes can be an eye sore, I tend to look at them as progress.  Here at the cottage, we are all about progress.

The trim, ceiling and doors are beginning to look alive
{Dining Room}
Nothing a coat of Benjamin Moore's White Dove can't fix.  It's a lovely shade of white with a hint of grey.  A wonderful go to color for those who don't want that stark look.

{good ol' color deck}
how I love thee...

I recommend picking up the individual color swatches at your local home improvement store.  We like setting them out to get an idea of how the colors jive with one another.

Here are a few of my favorite color swatches that we will be working from.

Did I overwhelm you?  Yeah, me too.
Hopefully by Monday I'll have some finished walls to show you!

On a side note, Rob and I picked up some red ticking stripe fabric for the chairs I featured on yesterday's entry.  I liked the way the fabric played off of the modern lines of the chair (even though it's an old chair).

{we love us some ticking stripe fabric}

I'm off to return to the chaos of the cottage.
Ciao for now!

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