Monday, July 25, 2011

Antique Overload = Loads of Fun

Happy Monday! 
What a weekend...

Rob and I went on a true treasure hunt this weekend.  Our main purpose for the trip was to find objects for the soon-to-be mudroom / laundry room.  Boy, was that a difficult task.  I'm talking eye-candy galore, friends.  We both had to keep reminding one another of why we were there.  Don't worry, I'll show you some of the things that we had to leave behind.  Things I may, eventually, have to go back for!
                              Picture Overload


{stop 1}

{stop 2}

Both places had a ton of treasuers to go ga-ga for. 
Here are some things that caught our eye.

{blue chippy front porch rocker}

{bond bread energy screen door}
We were in search for a door on this trip for the area between our laundry room and kitchen.
Too bad this was too big (and too expensive!)

{antique liquid barometer}
This is one of those things we continue to talk and think about.

{bread and cake cabinet}
Need I say more?  Probably, by far, the best item we had to leave behind.
I will...I repeat, will, go back to see if it's still there.

{fresh candies box}
Pure loveliness.

{antique seed cabinet}

{vintage numbered lockers}

It's getting hot in here, no?
By the way, this weekend was scorching HOT.
Check this out...

{curly hair without the help of an iron}
Crazy, right?
Impact of humidity and crazy unbearable heat...

OK, OK, back to antiques!

Now, for what we took home.

{bench for laundry room}

{iron claw foot feet}
A $25.00 steal!

{a once in a lifetime find}
Gotta' give props to my mama for pointing this one out.

{antique door}
Scored for $15.00 buckaroos.

{propped up in his new home}
We plan to refinish the door and cut a piece of glass for the top portion of the door.


{stripping door}
We don't mess around.

{area rug for laundry room}
Not an antique, but too good to pass up!

A few small items I snuck in.

{antique honey jar}

{antique dish pedestal and tiny mason jar}
The mason jar has three medium sized holes on the lid. 
 Could work at a parmesan cheese shaker or tooth pick holder?

{chippy family scale}

After a day like this, it was off to bed for us.

Projects to share...coming very soon!

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  1. for the record... I SO want that barometer too! and- your hair is absolutely Stunning- seriously beautiful! lucky girl!!



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