Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tiling and Profiling

I wasn't kidding when I said we were ready to follow up our talk with some walk.
Things are moving quickly {yet slowly} around Hickory.
One side of the kitchen is almost done
 I didn't fool you, did I?
The other side of the kitchen where the sink and the main cooking space is located
is on hold until Monday.
Those farmhouse sinks are a doosey to install!

Here is how the one side of the kitchen that we have been working on is looking.
I'm pretty pleased so far!
We haven't grouted yet and boy has grout color been on my mind.
I've been mixed on whether or not to go white or gray.
I used gray in a past bathroom and loved the historic vibe that it gave.
Gray does make the tile pop.
I stood in the aisle for over 20 minutes...contemplating.
Rob fuming.
Fire engine red probably contemplating why I'm so annoying!

gray. white. gray it is. nope white with the butcher block.
In the end, I went ahead and purchased the white. 
I'm shocked by my decision.
I feel that the white will be beautiful yet subtle and won't
compete with our woody countertops.

We shall see.

The fireplace has finally been coated in a lovely shade of creamy white.

Things are surely coming along.
Pregnant lady nesting may have been what I needed to
give me necessary shove.

have a happy weekend!

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