Wednesday, May 2, 2012

With May Flowers Comes Blooming Progress!

Today wasn't a "great" day.
I figured a little blogging could improve the evening.

The flowers around the cottage are beginning to bloom.
Of course they make me smile.

The smell of the flowers remind me of last year when we signed the papers.
pure bliss.
Our backyard. A lot of lovely green.

We can't wait to spend more time outside.
The weather has been up and down.
80's, rain, then snow.  Really?
This week sunshine is in the forecast. 

The yard has loads of potential.  We wish we could dig right in.
For now, the inside remains our priority.
Speaking of the inside, here is part of the grouted back splash.

I'm happy with my decision to stick with white grout.
While the tiles don't "pop" as they would with darker grout,
it doesn't take away from the rest of the kitchen.

We're continuing our work on the nursery.
Can someone explain to me why window treatments are so expensive?
It drives me bonkersLiterally.

Here's a reminder of how the nursery looks.

Here are some window treatments that we're considering.

what do you think?

I hope you have a sunny week!

*photos courtesy of restoration hardware baby and child, restoration hardware baby and child, pottery barn


  1. Keep in mind that you will want the ability to block out all sunlight for those mid-afternoon naps. Kristin and I have both discovered that a dark room makes for a long and restful nap. -Jaci

    1. hi jaci! yes we have wooden blinds already up! just looking for something pretty now ;) if i didn't have those blinds, i'd go ahead and purchase those black out curtains! thanks for the advice! xo!


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