Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Mess of Ideas and a Mess of Renovation!

Lately, I've been impatient.
Pregnancy hormones have me feeling like a complete lunatic.
I need things done. Like yesterday.
The kitchen continues to come along slowly.
When you think you have a time frame for the work to be completed,
add a month {or two}.

In all honesty, if most of the work is completed by June,
I'll be just fine.  If it goes on much longer, call the police. Ha!

We had a little hiccup with the cabinet hardware.
Since we already have pre-drilled holes in our cabinetry
{and because I didn't want to add more holes or fill the old ones in}
the restoration hardware gilmore pulls that I had in mind were a no go.
We needed to find something with a 3 inch boring that was still substantial and
not so tiny.

After looking high and low we came across the Martha Stewart line of hardware
at good ol' Home Depot.
We decided to order 1 cabinet bin pull and 1 knob
 to see how they would look in our kitchen.
The knob is up top and the bin pull is down below {left side}.
We love it.  A very classic look for almost half of the price
of some of the other hardware that we were considering.
I went ahead and made the big order last night.
Rob's got a lot of unscrewing and screwing ahead of him.
We've got a lot {and I mean a lot} of hardware.
I'm still on the hunt for some longer pulls for some of the larger cabinets.
I'm sure that will occupy my time for hours.

As I posted in my last blog entry, I've been on the hunt
for curtains and window hardware.
I'm still a bit up in the air
I'm even considering some cherry wood curtain rods
to compliment our Jenny Lind crib.
We'll see.

My mind is currently occupied by art work and how
I'd like to decorate the wall on each side of the crib. 
 Hmmm.  Too many decisions lately.
But I do know, I'm loving these prints.
I'm thinking vintagey gold frames.
{The Young Hare by Albrecht Durer}

{Guardian Angel by Heilige Schutzengel}

I told you I'm a mess of ideas.
That was a warning.
By the way, how lovely is this nursery designed by Tammy Connor?
She's sort of my new favorite.
I'm loving all of the crosses behind the iron crib.  Simply gorgeous.

And how adorable is Chester the Raccoon?

and Henry the Fox

These little creations can be found at the Walnut Animal Society.
All our handmade in the good ol' USA!

I'm sure {no it's a fact} that I'll be back with more ideas and inspiration later.
I'm going to go enjoy a sunny day with my hubs!
Hope you do the same!

*photos courtesy of,, tammy connor interior design, walnut animal society, walnut animal society

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