Monday, May 28, 2012

You've Got Mail

Do you love checking the mail as much as I do?
I admit it.  It's a guilty pleasure of mine.
I particularly enjoy receiving packages.
Pulling into the driveway after a long day of work and checking the doors...
Oh yeah, I do.
You mean they never drop off at the back door?
Ya gotta check, right? Just in case the silly delivery man decided
 the front door wasn't the appropriate place that day?

The only time the mailbox is an eyesore is when the bills are in it.
Mailboxes are something that we often neglect to look at or even take care of.
Seeing as it's a part of our daily routine, I feel it should brighten ones day.

Rob decided to pull out an outdoor light post
{aka the eyesore of hickory}
that resided smack dab at the start of our driveway.
We contemplated adding another one, as most of our neighbors continue the trend.
However, they are costly and aren't all the great looking these days.
Which got me thinking...our mailbox isn't much better.
As I've said in previous blog entries...the cottage's exterior needs some work.
Don't get me wrong, it's completely fine
But it does need a new coat of paint and some new hardware.
Maybe we should start with the mailbox?

My dream mailbox...
The Victorian pedestal mailbox.

The patina knocks my socks off.
I'm not sure this style "fits" the look of our neighborhood.
We definitely don't live in a Victorian home or century home.
But it's a dream box.  No?

Or do you prefer something classic?
I like the white wood paired with a darker metal box.

I'm a sucker for the number signs that get mounted to the top of the box.

I prefer the custom made wood post over the one I posted above.
However, this seems to be more accessible at your big box stores.

Who knew your mailbox could cause such grief?

Before we make a decision on the mailbox, we need to get kitchen island in order.
We have been receiving quotes from different local stone companies.
The hubs and I think we have decided on honed cararra marble.
We're looking forward to wrapping that project up as soon as possible.
8 months preggo and nesting is at an all time high.
But time is running out!
The nursery isn't even complete.  Ah!

I'm going to take off and restDoctor's orders!
happy memorial day!
To those who have served...
God bless you!

*photos courtesy of unkown the colors of my mind tumblr, mailboxixchange, custommade, (last 3 images)

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  1. We just had honed Carrera installed on our perimeter counters and wood on our island , the Carrera is amazing you'll love it . Your kitchen is looking lovely


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