Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I Feel Summer Creepin' In...

We have 4 weeks left of school. 
Can you believe it?  I sure can't.
I'm looking forward to some me time, but I'll miss all of my co-workers.
They have been my cheerleaders throughout this pregnancy.
Once schools out, reality will truly set in.

We're going to meet our little man very soon!

This weekend gave me the taste of summer.
While I wish I could jump on a plane and get out of this town,
the scenery was absolutely beautiful.
Most moms tell me to enjoy this alone time before the baby comes,
but I'm ready.
My body aches horribly and I still get sick from time to time.
Plus, all of this renovation and updating has me in a tizzy.

Over the weekend Rob and I were out and about when we spotted
window panels that we felt would look great in the nursery.
And they were reasonably priced.
I love you World Market.
I'd sleep in this room.  I hope Carlo likes it too!
There is more to do, but now we can check one more thing off of our list!
Feels good!

The kitchen seems to be moving along too.
The backsplash is being installed today and
the plumbing will hopefully be completed by tomorrow.
Then we'll add sealer to the countertops!
We're still waiting on the delivery of the hardware, 
which is what excites me most

Now we need to start our search for the island countertop.
Honed granite or marble? Why do people seem so shocked by honed stone?
They look at me like I'm on another planet.
It must not be common around here?

Anyway, I thought I could wait.
But with so much progress,
 it's hard to leave the center of our kitchen unfinished.
I know, honey.  You told me so.
I'll stop rambling and touch base later.

Be back in a flash!
*photo courtesy of tiny white daisies

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