Saturday, April 21, 2012

Backsplash Demo and a Cherry On Top!

It's been awhile!
We've been busy bees around here.
The kitchen.
The nursery.
The yard.

Big and pregnant and I'm weeding the beds and the brick pathways.
I'm paying for it today though. Ouch!

The countertops have been cut and have the second coat of stain on them.
Walnut yumminess
They are in need of some Waterlox, but we plan on installing them first.
I hope I don't have to evacuate the cottage due to the fumes.
Carlo comes first.  So if they say out, I'm out

Rob began tearing down the backsplash yesterday.
Talk about a pain in the you know what
This tile was official Old and probably very nice for it's time.
Those first few tiles came down {dry wall and all} and I took a sigh of relief.
It's going to be a lot of work.  I'm talking one tile at a time.
I'll be the cheerleader and provide refreshments when needed.

The fire clay sink and the faucet came in.
I can barely contain the excitement within me.
Now I'm on the hunt for polished nickel hardware, possible pendants,
and the honed stone for the center island.
Phew! $$$!  This girls got to get creative if you know what I mean.

Ooh and here's the cherry on top.
Carlo's crib was delivered.
We were concerned about our color choice but
I'm so glad I went ahead and followed my gut.

I adore the cherry finish.  It reminds me so much of my own crib as a child.
We've been purchasing all the little odds and ends and I can't wait to show you
the final reveal.
Until then I'll give little updates as the room progresses.

I'm thinking giclee prints. Gold antique frames.
Homemade stuffed animals like this little guy.

...and him...
If I could only figure out how to purchase this babe.
The seller is from Buenos Aires.  Contacting her is worth a shot.

I'd love to get Carlo's name crocheted by this fabulous seller on etsy.
While garland is used time and time again, I believe it adds whimsy.

A dreamy night light.

The feeling of creating a room for your child is
something I can't even put into words.
There isn't a day that Rob and I don't go in there and quietly marvel.
In a few days, I'll say so long to trimester numero dos and greet the
third trimester.
It's been a process and I can't wait to meet our little miracle.

Be back in a flash.

*photos courtesy of schlaf (etsy), miga de pan, reraeshop (etsy), moderntreetopbaby (etsy)

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