Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Farming For a Deal!

Yesterday can be described by the image below.
Last week my stepfather and my husband removed the notorious built-in fridge.
There she is...remember her?
Needless to say, that wasn't an easy task.
In fact, it was quite scary? Comical?

Yesterday we had our carpenter stop by to take a look at the space
that now surrounds our new refrigerator.
If you can remember from previous posts, we decided to purchase a
traditional counter-depth model rather than the built-in look that was muchas $$$.

Our chat started out great.
I asked if he could build a dish rack above our refrigerator.
This wasn't a problem at all!
Here is our inspiration.
I wanted to keep the kitchen airy since we don't have much open shelving.

Over the weekend we took a trip to IKEA and purchased
numerar butcher block countertops.
Rob and I decided that we would stain and install wood
on the perimeter countertops.
The butcher block gets delivered today! Wahoo! 
We plan on installing honed stone on the center island.

The carpenter took a look at the wall-mounted apron sink
that I found awhile back for a steal.
Seeing as we will need to choose our sink before cutting the counters,
this was an important step.
The sink won't work.  How can that be?
I knew that our window was going to be an issue but for some reason
I've been living in fantasy land.
The issue at hand?  The sink would be too low
and I'd be breaking my back trying to wash the dishes.
He even joked that my child would be able to wash the dishes in a year or so.

I hope I can use the sink somewhere else in the house.  We'll see.
I can't seem to part with it and sell it.

Now I'm on the hunt for a farmhouse sink...and I need one fast.
Thus, farming for a deal.
I'm aware that IKEA sells an apron sink, but it's not the look that I'm going for.
Obviously, I'd like to order a Rohl.  But that's not happening.

anyone have any suggestions on places I should look?

I'm really looking forward to seeing some progress in the kitchen.
I've talked the talk but haven't walked the walk....until now!

My day got worse when I couldn't locate a cherry Jenny Lind crib.
Sold out everywhere.  Really?

I'm still on the hunt for that, as well.
Rob convinced me to keep the chalkboard wall in the once office,
now nursery.

Here is a sneak peek of the wall.

Rob and I spent some time putting our favorite bedtime prayer on our babe's wall.

More to come.
A lot ahead!

*photos courtesy of crush de cul de sac, patina white blog

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