Monday, April 23, 2012

The Beauty of Butcher Block

Rob took on the wall and won!
You go babe!
What a mess!  Kitchen reno is the absolute pits.
I can't imagine gutting the entire thing.
I have a new found respect for those who take their kitchen down to the studs.
We've done bathrooms, but something about your main living area being
under construction, is well, not ideal.

Despite the dust, I can't help but be optimistic and excited.
I know it will be be worth the hassle.

Here is a snap shot of the wood counters.
The counters are still missing the Waterlox, which we will eventually apply.
Let's rewind.
I'm a happy camper.

Now, the satin nickel hardware has got to go.
It's not jiving.

We'll be purchasing the Restoration Hardware gilmore bin pulls.

We haven't decided on the knobs quite yet.
I've juggled the idea of glass vs. polished nickel.
what do you think?

We'd also love to add pendants over our island
{which is screaming for some honed stone}

I originally wanted an antique brass look.
Now I'm leaning towards good ol' school house pendants
some of this milky goodness!

The lights may come a bit later, but I can't help but envision the entire space.

With your help, I think we decided on subway tile.
thank you.

It's coming along...finally!
Glad your sticking around despite the few months of down time.

*photos courtesy of restoration hardware


  1. It is so funny/FUN to me how nearly every thing we had in our last kitchen, you are choosing for yours now-maybe we were separated at birth! ;) We had the same RH pulls and the school house pendants over the island and the subs with white grout (I debated over grey too!). It's coming together beautifully!! I know how much hard work is has got to be!

    1. two great minds think alike, erin! i think we like a very classic look! or yes we were seperated at birth ;) xo!


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