Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Crib Catastrophe

Happy hump day!

I've got a crib catastrophe on my hands.
Horrible back aches and crib headaches.

I originally planned on purchasing the DaVinci Jenny Lind crib in cherry.
I searched the web and it's sold out...everywhere!
Numerous websites state that it is on back order and that
 it will ship at the end of June.
Because I'm an obsessed and paranoid first time mama, I investigated the issue.
According to the manufacturer, they are discontinuing the model.

How could they?  It appears to sell incredibly well.
Angel Line carries a similar Jenny Lind style. So that's one option.
I purchased this crib not knowing if I'd love the cherry finish. 
But I had to hurry...these were selling out like hot cakes too!
If I have to send it back I can.  It should arrive any day now.

Or we can opt for the DaVinci in the white finish.
I've been straying from this color, thinking it would
 be white over kill in the room.
The crib will be against the chalkboard wall. 
So while I don't want it to blend in,
I also don't want it to pop out too drastically.

And while I love this style from Restoration Hardware,
I don't think I can rationalize spending that for the crib.
I'd rather buy the big boy bed from there.

Pretty, no?

I'm planning on using all white bedding for the crib,
which I think will look lovely against the cherry wood.
I'll either indulge and buy this or
 have something just as perfect made.

Here are some photos of the room so far.
little peeks.
What do you thinkCherry or white?

...and the rocking chair we purchased that's on the opposite side of the room!

Help me end my crib catastrophe!
My husband will be indebted to you, I'm sure.

*photos courtesy of wayfair, wayfair, restoration hardware, layla grayce


  1. I got the school house light at a local lighting store for $49.00 !!! Crazy right

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