Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekend Wonderland

We've officially had our first snow fall.
While all of the snow has melted since then, I'm beginning to
feel the gusty wind that we Midwestern states become so accustomed to.
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the world of retail, too!
Not to mention that every other commercial is reminding me that
we need to begin our holiday shopping soon

In keeping with our weekend routine, Rob and I hit up a few antique shops!
This one store in particular is always fun to explore.
Architectual salvage galore!
And a very knowledgeable staff.
Even they were stumped on the kitchen hardware I posted about yesterday.

We strolled around town.

Rocking my Missoni for Target ballet flats.

We then took a drive over to Arhuas Furniture.
 As much as I love their stuff, I can't always get myself past the $ tag.
This pillow was a must though...and I must say the quality is great.

If we get tired of the deer...
...we can just flip it over!

While we were perusing around Arhuas,
we got inspired by these tiny trees made from paper.
We did our best to recreate the trees from memory.
They are probably a bit different, but that makes them even
more special to us.

Here's what you'll need.
A shish kabob stick will work perfectly!
We had terra cotta plant pots lying around the cottage,
so we were ready to go!

Rob's hand not mine...Just saying!

Stack paper of diffenent lenghts and widths and have fun.
You'll eventually end up with this.
Minus the star, of course!

This little project put us in the holiday spirit.
Is Monday rolling around already?
I'm going to take off and enjoy the rest of my Sunday with
the man who keeps me smiling and deals with all of my shenanigans.


  1. love antique shops !!!! We have a few in mt airy nc that we visit ofteb

  2. hi andy! we love antique shops too! hope you find as much as we do!

  3. just found your blog and i love it -- such fun to watch you hunt for just the right things! i'll live vicariously!

  4. i'm so glad that you found our blog, stephanie! i hope that you continue to enjoy!


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