Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Husband's First Blog Post!

I'd like to officially introduce my husband, Rob.
Below is his attempt at humor.
Over the past few months I have been supporting my wife’s love for design by carting her all over the continental US.  Why you ask?  Because she is searching for inspiration, paint colors, antiques, and fabric.  This sounds like every man’s dream…
Obviously you can sense my frustration.  Let me clarify that I love my wife very much and I truly believe she is an unbelievably talented designer in the making, but I am going to put together a set of guidelines to understanding your man as it pertains to your passion for design.
I understand this is my first blog entry, and I’m not sure it is even going to get posted after my wife proof reads it, but please give me a chance because this is as much for her as it is for you.  Here it goes…
1. We do not see the importance of choosing between white dove and antique white for our trim color.  WHITE = WHITE
2. Don’t buy a pillow if I can’t put my head on it.  I don’t care how pretty it is.  It is a pillow…
3. We do not live in a pottery barn catalog.  Actually although you don’t want to believe it, nobody lives in a pottery barn catalog.  It is neither practical to have random books sitting everywhere in your house, nor is it functional.  Please see below.
4. We do not enjoy looking through piles of old books to pick which ones will be pretty sitting everywhere in our house.
5. Know  when enough is enough.  When you are hitting the 7th craft store of the day and your man’s eyes are glazed over and he is no longer responding guess what…   We are envisioning burning the craft store down.  We may also be thinking about inflicting bodily harm.  Unfortunately burlap does not do much damage.
6.  Letting me hang a poster in the garage, does not mean we are even.
7. Don’t blog surf when we are trying to talk to you.
8. Please blog surf while we are watching the football game.
9. Why does everything get hung on walls?  Where does it stop?  You do realize when you are trying to convince us that hanging everything but the kitchen sink on the wall is a good idea, we think you are genuinely crazy.  Thanks again pottery barn.  Hanging upside down chairs from the ceiling is not a good idea.
10. Why do you get upset when the bedding is wrinkled?  We sleep in it?  Also, it is not just our fault it is wrinkled.

The list could continue and in actuality it probably will.  Just like the blog my guidelines are still developing.  It would only be fair if I posted some of my favorite designs.  So here are some of my favorite rooms, obviously not for your viewing pleasure.
What happens in the locker room, stays in the locker room.
Notice there are no pillows.

 Pumpkin ale and a warm bowl of chili.  Yes please.

My Sunday Sanctuary.

FYI - there was an argument over the blue numbers.  Not authentic enough, I guess?
Too bad, honey!
 *photos courtesy of buildingmancaves.com, qualitybaths.com, skyscrapercity.com


  1. Rob I totally agree with your list love the post !! looks like she let you post it also haha !

  2. Love the post hope you continue...

  3. ha!! ha! this made me laugh out loud! yes, so true, we women often torture our husbands due to our love of decor. my husband would be SO with you on the "don't buy a pillow if i can't lay my head on it" thing. he hates it when i tell him not to sweat or sit on the pillows....

  4. i'm glad you all got a good laugh. he's a pretty funny guy...or so he thinks. especially when he is picking on me ;) autumn we must be twins - hate the sweating and sitting on the pillows!


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