Monday, November 7, 2011

The Clock With No Tick Tock

I know, I know...
I've been MIA.
A lot of work and a lot of leaves.
I'll leave it at that.
how are you, friends?

After days of obsessing over our front entry, Rob and I found a clock.
It sure is beautiful.
It's a lovely shade of blue.
It has great little legs.
Glorious carvings.
It's missing one thing, though.
The guts.
Rob and I were sold at first glance.
My mom was not.
Why buy a clock without the mechanics was her gripe if I can remember correctly.
Makes perfect sense.
I wouldn't call the purchase a "steal" but it wasn't antique grandfather clock
expensive either.
Plus, we have plans.  Stay tuned.

We do have the glass piece!
My excitement had me snapping pictures prematurely.

The clock was not our only purchase this weekend.
The boys were hard at work.

Our next purchase was all Rob.
Once in awhile I get a bad case of selective hearing.
Does that ever happen to you?
If I'm in a store where I'm liking what I'm seeing, I hear absolutely nothing.
Rob must have asked me on five different occasions if I liked a particular bench.
I did.
But how much, I'm not sure?
My eyes were too busy wandering around.
He managed to get measurements and buy the bench before I could think twice.
I'm glad he did.  I think it's important for us ladies to let our men have choices in the house they too live in.

It's an old rusty park bench.  I believe it's from New York.
I love the sandstone seat.
We placed the bench in our family room near our bay window.
I think it looks great.
Good job, honey!

The houses on our drive up to this particular shop are jaw dropping.

I wish I had more houses to show you, but the quality of the pictures are lousy.
and Rob's head was in the way :]

I promise I won't abandon the blog for that long again!


  1. that clock is FABULOUS!!! what a find! I hope you'll keep it a clock. what luck!


  2. thanks, joan! we'd like to keep it a clock. we aren't sure how to go about doing things, quite yet. i've considered trying to find the parts to restore it...over my head...but in a good way! we love it! ;)


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