Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sweet Dreams: Master Bedroom Inspiration

I haven't laid a finger on our master bedroom
or any of the other bedrooms for that matter.
It's truly become a place to crash after a long day.
 Since the bedrooms are all on the second floor and are generally not seen
by our guests, I haven't felt the pressure.

Going to bed and waking up in a beautiful atmosphere is important though.
Curling up in fine linens and reading a good book is pure heaven.
Since we have been focusing on our first floor, some of my ideas are purely in the
 "dream stage."
Here are some of my master must have's.

I love the non-matchy-ness of this room. 
While the lamps are identical to one another, the bed side tables and the
wall art are uniquely different. 
I'm in love with the idea of using the nesting tables as a night stand and using both framed art and an oval mirror to decorate the empty space above the dressers.
And that bed...speechless!

Using a dresser as a nightstand is an unexpected touch.  I dig it!
I'd love to wake up with that furry rug under my feet.

Coat racks do not belong solely in entry ways.
I'm obsessed with the idea of using one as a purse hanger.

A cozy upholstered love seat is perfect for the foot of the bed.
It's ideal to cuddle up on before catching your z's!

Again, the same table lights with different side tables.
The mixture of textures and materials is lovely here.
Oh dear, there's that bed again.

I'll be spending the next hour or so searching the web for refrigerator's.
The warranty company is offering to give us chunk of change.
(nice but not nice enough)
Can you believe built-in units start at 6 grand?
That's coldTotally not cool.
Wish I had an oasis to search the web in.
I guess the couch will have to do!

sweet dreams, bloggers!
*photos courtesy of veranda, seredipity; life itself, mango watermelon, unknown, because it's awesome 


  1. love all the inspiration photos! my very favorite item though was that coral bolster in the first photo... be still my heart! that color makes me swoon!

    p.s. 6k sounds like a steal to me;);)

  2. love that coral bolster, joan! amazing. 6k a steal? ahhh!!! i hope your joking...but then again yours probably cost you over 10k. ;)


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