Sunday, November 20, 2011

This and That...

It's 5 o'clock but feels more like 10 P.M.
The sky turns dark so quickly now since the time change took place.
It's always difficult for me to adjust.

So, how the heck are ya?
Turkey week!  I can't wait!
Plus, my work week is short.
As much as I love my job, we all need a little R&R, right?

This weekend, the dude and I did the usual. 
We picked up a few things.  This and that...
With Christmas around the corner, the majority of our shopping
was for festive decorations.

 Nothing puts me in the holiday spirit more then decorated store fronts.

I go absolutely bonkers over fat legs like these.
We didn't take this guy home, but we sure wanted to!

We did manage to find something at this quaint little shop
that we took home with us.

This magnifying glass would look great in a bathroom or placed on a dresser!

We also picked up a few ornaments and some ribbon for the tree.
Feathery goodness!

I go crazy for ornaments.
It seems that each year ornaments continue to get better!
Or maybe I'm making excuses to buy a few more!

We found this birch ribbon that we can't wait hang on the tree.
It's something I haven't seen before.

We plan to put up the tree sometime this week!
Does anyone follow the after Thanksgiving "rule"?
I like the idea of truly enjoying Thanksgiving before jumping to the next holiday.
I do find it tough to not get a jump start though.
We'll see how long I can wait.

Refrigerator shopping hasn't been fun.
As I said in my previous post, built in refrigerators cost a pretty penny.
I was roaming the web and happened upon this picture.
Since we already have a built-in refrigerator, we'll have to make some changes
with the cabinetry if we decide to purchase a free standing fridge.
I'm kinda digging the idea of leaving some space above the refrigerator to display
cake dishes among other things.
What do you think?
Built-in vs. free standing that appears built-in?

I hope you have a short work week, too!
Or at least turkey day to share and enjoy with those you love the most!
*source unknown

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