Thursday, April 4, 2013

I Hear Crickets

Cricket cricket.
I call bull**** on myself.
"My New Years resolution is to devote more time to blogging."
Really, Ashley?
Yeah, I'm a failure and a liar.
I fully admit to that.

I've probably lost my few readers.

Carlo is 9 months old now and to simply put it... I'm a busy mom.
Boy do I have respect for all you mamas out there doing your blog thang.
I can't seem to hack it.
I continue to obsess over interior design.
I love sharing my home with you.
And I miss my blog and all of you desperately.

Between Carlo's tummy troubles and his larger than life personality,
I just can't seem to find the time.
.wash bottles.
.change diapers.
.do laundry.
.bathe carlo.
.bathe myself.
."try keeping the cottage" in order.
.being a wife and a mom.
.taking part in the outside world.

Uff.  It's not as easy as it looks, people.
Okay enough about poor me.
Complaining is the one thing I'm good at lately.

Things are a-happening around here.
Carlo will be 1 in June!
That means we will be throwing a party and the cottage needs sprucing.
I'll be tidying and decorating the interior
but for the most part we will focus on the exterior of the home.
I know it's an important aspect to a home.  Good ol' curb appeal.
I do tend to judge a home based on how it looks from the outside.
So superficial, no?
I just can't get passed spending all that money
dumping hm... all over.
And paint.  
Ah, the topic at our place right now.
Can we get by another summer?
Hubby says yes.  Mommy says no.
We are currently in the process of receiving some quotes.
I've already lost myself in paint colors.
Picking paint for the outside is no joke.

Here's a reminder of how our home's exterior is looking these days.

She's a charmer, no?
That's why we chose her!
I needed about 5 more years of dual income and no baby
to get her to where she needed to be.

Wouldn't trade the little guy for the world though!
So we'll make due and get creative.

Some thoughts and inspiration coming your way!

And one of my Easter babe, just because!
Promise to keep you in the loop.
Until next time!

*photos courtesy of letschipit, houzz, unknown, unknown

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