Monday, January 30, 2012

Nursery Underway!

I'm a pitiful blogger, I know.
Who would have thought that this little gift from God
 could make me so darn miserable and unmotivated?
I've learned quickThis isn't an easy job
I'm baby making, that's for sure.

Sleeping has become my favorite thing to do lately.
Antiquing... not so much.  Can you believe it?
I've received quite a few comments from family and friends about the nursery
and how they look forward to seeing what I put together.
Talk about pressure.

I finally got enough energy to explore and purchase the first piece for the room.
The changing table.
Not willing to splurge on the real changing table deal, I knew I had to find
a piece that would work well as a dresser, as my babes gets older.
Behold, the yummy empire dresser.

We'll probably take it off the casters to make it
a more comfortable height for changing.
I'm in love with all the storage
and am totally digging the large built in cupboards that we can stack diapers in.
All I have to do is buy the changing pad to place on top! Voila.

While I was out an about, I happened upon this gorgeous antique chandy.

Not knowing the gender of baby D yet, I was hesitant to make the purchase.
Is it too girly for a boy
I didn't think so, but I wanted to make sure with the hubs.
He seems to like it.  What do yall' think?

I'm hoping that decorating baby D's nursery
gives me the energy I need to put back into good ol' Hickory.
I love you so, Hickory! Even though it may not appear that way.
Baby steps...right?


  1. Where are your favorite antique stores in the Cleve?? I need decor, mirrors, an umbrella stand, etc., for my Tudor. Help!

    1. oh man. i tend to not have a favorite as silly as that may sound. i try everything. garage sales, estate sales...downtown (some good ones on the west side). i hope this helps!

  2. love your changing table, im obsessed!

  3. The chandelier is gender neutral and a great choice for a nursery. It's a timeless piece and later on when baby D is older you can change it out for something else and use it somewhere else in the house! Honestly, if I was baby D, I'd say mom has great taste and hopefully I get that same style!


  4. rachel! what a nice comment. it made me smile. i haven't bought the chandy yet, but i plan on picking it up if i can get out there before someone else grabs it. you would hope the babe would love it forever, but your very right...slim chances...i can always move it to another room later on! again, thank you!


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