Monday, December 12, 2011

Let There Be Light (New Fixtures!)

We've been meaning to replace a number of light fixtures in the cottage.
I've been itching to remove the old globe flush mount lights and fans.
Can't stand em'.
We've been slowly attacking one at a time. 
I can officially check two more of my list!

The previous owners used the family room space differently than we are.
Half of the family room was used as their dining room. 
This light fixture hung on one side of the family room.
A nice light, but not the look we were going for.
Especially since we weren't using that space for dining.

Rob installed this beauty.  Isn't she cute?
Since we are using that side of the room as a sitting area,
a smaller light was in order.  I think this does the job.

Here's another shot.

Next, we replaced the fan with a chandelier in the master bedroom.

I apologize, the glare is pretty awful in this picture.
I snapped the picture at night before it came down.
My husband loves a fan above the bed.  I can't entirely blame him.
With two comforters and a quilt, if I were him, I may be toasty too!
I love to be warm.  So no complaints here.
But fans aesthetically, don't do the job {for me!}

Excuse the missing light bulbs.
We bought the wrong ones.  But you can get an idea!
Take two!

We like the way the chandy pops against the wood ceiling!

Both chandeliers were a steal from Lowes. 
They have a great selection. 
Check it out!

What a difference a little light can bring to your life!


  1. Love the new lights. Great selection.

  2. thanks, mrsformal! i'm glad you like them!


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